The Best Health Insurance Policies in India

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The old adage ‘Health is wealth’ is very true. As without health we cannot expect balance in other domains of life. This is an important aspect and cannot be ignored. With changing times, people have become more aware for the need for a proper healthcare. Each individual has a right to live and thus entitled to receive all forms of health care services. Government for every country now makes it mandatory to buy a health policy.

Research has shown that the health sector in India is gradually growing. To overcome the challenges of health problems health insurance policies are made. Health insurance policies protect individuals from financial risks induced by sudden health failures or illnesses or accidents.

In India the health insurance policy are categorized according to the type pf ownership: government, private organizations, employers based and non-profit organizations. The best health insurance policy in India is provided by the Government through Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) and Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIS). The CGHS is provided to employees working in government, semi-government organizations, and retirees of government service. ESIS covers employees working in factories and other hazardous manufacturing or construction sites. These schemes offer expenses for all medical treatment from hospitalization to purchase of medicines.

Best Health Insurance Policy In India
Best Health Insurance Policy In India

Best health insurance plans under the private organizations are Jan Arogya Policy, Overseas Mediclaim Policy,Raja Rajeswari Policy, Jeevan Asha Plan II and Cancer Insurance Policy and many more. The community based organizations offer some popular programmes like Voluntary Health Services, Rehabilitation and Development, Self-Employed Women’s Associationand Sewagram. Employer based health schemes are provided through both individual and group schemes.

India also provides several family health insurance plans and senior citizen health insurance. Family health insurance is found in the form of family floater, treatment for elderly members and individual policies. Senior citizen health insurance in India includes various health policies from companies like Max Bupa Health Insurance Policy, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company, National Insurance Company Ltd and Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd.

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