Obamacare: What’s brewing? Take a Look

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In our day to day life, we all get so engrossed in our work and social life that our health is completely ignored. We feel that we are healthy and are taking proper healthcare measures, but most of the times this belief turns out to be an illusion. Our hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our health and we fall sick. For this reason proper healthcare is important and we should all opt for health insurance plans.

Realizing the need and significance of healthcare plans, “Obamacare” a US law was formulated by the president Barack Obama in 2010. This is aimed at reforming the American healthcare system. Also known as the Affordable Care Act, the main focus of this is on providing more Americans with access to affordable health insurance and improving the quality of health.

Family Health Insurance Plans
Family Health Insurance Plans

Various changes have already taken place through this law. Existing plans now cover preventive care like immunization, annual checkups and mammograms. Children and young adults can stay on their family health insurance plans till the age of 26. And insurance companies can no longer set lifetime limits on coverage. Such an act has been a great boost to millions of Americans who are also eligible to get financial assistance.

Along with individual plans, many others are also available like family health insurance plans, senior citizen plan, maternity packs, corporate packs and many more. With variety of such plans you can select the right one for yourself matching your requirements and budget.

You can now be prepared for the worst of all situations by opting healthcare insurance plans and the Americans have been asked to flock to get covered on February 1st.

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