Pay less get more from family health insurance

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With the rocketing medical expenses, there are only two ways by which you can protect your savings from ventilating through the front window.

1 – Cover your family with a health indemnity scheme

2 – Lead a healthy lifestyle and do all the requisites to stay away from diseases.

Among these two options, second one is not realistic as there is no one in this planet who does not suffer from illness and recovers without medications. In such instances, you are left with the only option of family health insurance.

Family health insurance plans
Family health insurance plans

A family floater plan is bagged with numerous advantages and is the best plan to cover your whole family. You will realize that you are getting so many extras by paying so less.

Benefits of floater plan

  • A single protective umbrella adequately looks after the health needs of the whole household.
  • You do not have to remember so many dates of premium deposit or renewal individually as you will maintain only a single plan. So it offers you relief.
  • Young couples like the family health pack because it offers new-born and maternity coverage. However, these features do not add up immediately.
  • If the senior most member of your household expires, the plan will continue for the rest of the family providing all the features like before.
  • Senior persons fetch most from this plan as most of the family floater packs in India offer free medical checkups at frequent intervals for senior people.
  • A new member can easily be included in the existing plan and no separate or fresh scheme needs to be purchased every time.
  • You will get income tax concession under section 80 D.
  • There are insurance companies who charges little extra on the premiums and let you include your in-laws in the existing scheme. So, do not miss the chance to impress them.

If you buy an individual health policy for your kid, you have to pay huge premiums for unwanted features, because normally, kids do not require medical assistance like aged members. So a family health insurance will take care of your parents and kids at the same time by charging less.

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