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Welcome your new baby safely with a pregnancy insurance plan

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Pregnancy insurance
Pregnancy insurance

Having a baby can be an expensive affair the course of which begins at the very onset of conceiving. In the present century an astonishing number of complications have been reported on expecting mothers from all over the world which has inspired millions to consider seeking proper health cover the same. Pregnancy insurance is thus the talk of the day and that too for all the right reasons. Policies dedicated towards this end are basically meant to cover the cost of complications that may arise during the course of child bearing, problems that may appear at the time of delivery and necessities that may require financial support after the baby is delivered.

A good cover plan usually includes all the three mentioned aspects in a healthy mix. This is to say that, you may consider a policy as useful if it has provisions that deal with the 9 months 10 days (approx.) of bearing the baby along with pre and post natal medical and hospital care benefits. Many policies do not usually include all of the factors while charging sizeable premium of low risk coverage. It is necessary to check through the provisions, terms and conditions of claims before making a choice.

Getting insured- the investment of a lifetime

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Insurance is a common term in present day world, but not many do decipher the real meaning of it, until it is needed. People, even when earning a healthy income doesn’t really think of securing the future against possible contingencies. Sadly, it’s the adverse turn of events that forces someone to look into the possibilities to be secured in case of hazards. Insurance in modern times is deemed not only as a viable mean to cover for costs caused by health hazards, but also as a long term annuity option. Insurance is deemed as a favored mean of investment in present times with the insurers making room for some bonus payments after the term period is over.

Best Health Insurance Policy
Best Health Insurance Policy

Investing for the long run is also a favored option for people who have a family to nurture. It is through the secured means of health insurance policy that the individuals try to make sure that their family’s needs are taken care of even when the sole earning member is deceased. Having insurance is a common phenomenon in this fast paced world where the insurers tend to make sure that even their lifestyle oriented contingencies can be taken care of. In any scenario, the loss of a loved one is not a desired option. Nevertheless, the need for sufficient money after the demise of the earning member is also paramount.

In today’s world, there is seemingly no shortage of investment options. From gold, silver to stocks, people invest in a plethora of verticals. In line with the investment of hard earned money, people become more cautious and thus look into a number of parameters before taking on an investment option. Insurance makes for a perfect solution as it literally meets a gamut of needs of the investor- saving to meet life’s important goals and as well as protection of asset. An investor always looks for two parameters- asset appreciation in the long run and asset protection. Most financial elements are endowed with an underlying element of asset appreciation and the same applies for insurance as well. What insurance also expertly us able to achieve is the feat of asset protection. From accidents to theft, insurance is the answer to relieving the financial loss and make room for compensation.

Insurance companies are many and their products are diverse. It is applicable thus that the insurers must tread wisely before picking up an insurance product. One cannot go wrong in this aspect as insurance is generally a long term commitment. It is to be noted that the needs of individuals are also diverse. Goal based saving is another option for which people rope in an insurance policy. From funding important events to making room for emergency money, insurance needs are varied. The insurers must be prudent in their quest to picking up the insurance that best fits their bill. There is certainly no best health insurance policy, rather individual insurance policies which are suited to ones needs.

Are you benefitting from best health insurance plan in India

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Considering Indian healthcare perspectives, even the best health insurance plan in India is nothing but a modified form of Hospitalization Insurance. Such a scheme implies that only the medical bill prior to your admission in few selected hospitals would be borne by the insurance company. Needless to say that you got to judge the concerned scheme from those cost elements, alongside few additional parameters.

Best health insurance plan in India
Best health insurance plan in India

When it’s about making a strategic investment to meet emergencies like health complicacies, certainly you are to rate both tangible and intangible benefits associated with that scheme. Such facilities are associated with structuring of healthcare industry, and Indian Territory is yet to get that organized framework when compared with her western counterparts. A scheme that has earned the status as best health insurance plan in India is actually a prototype of Hospitalization Insurance practiced in developed countries. It means that you have the single benefit of getting your medial bill paid by the insurance companies (and that too subject to particular illness or accident types and treatment in few chosen institutes). Considering this perspective, a plan that comes with justified price tags is supposed to be your preferred option. You may note that while making a comparison between available products; better opt out from exact matched ones, alongside vital features to give long term benefits

    • Schemes coming with frills almost double the average premium for non-frilled plans, with little or no additional benefits at all. Most of us can manage consultation fees charged by the local physician, bills for general medicines etc, and there’s no point in raising premium level by inclusion of these mere expenses into the plan


    • You are not supposed to compare schemes with respect premiums, unless they offer more or less similar benefits. Health insurance is a complex pattern of financial contracts, with even more complicated terms and conditions. That’s where each is different from the rest, and so are the premiums charged


    • Maximum age for renewal of the scheme is trusted parameter to consider credibility of a plan. You seek health insurance to safeguard yourself or your family member from ever increasing cost of medical treatments. Besides, the current rate of life expectancy in India is on a high, thanks to medical science development. Combining these two, stay away from a plan that has shorter lifespan for renewal


    • Upon understanding daily cash limit health products, you can make considerable savings. Such schemes offer a maximum cash limit for critical operations and surgeries, and would be added to actual medical expenses. Automatically, you are to shoulder more premium load


Besides these all, you can rate a insurance plan with respect to coverage amount offered, facilities for senior citizens, TPA/non TPA study etc as well. For too many confusing options, there’s always provision for appointing a profession to offer right suggestions.

Why Should You Compare Health Insurance Plans India

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Our nation is a land of diversity, and this is a fact that no one can deny in any way whatsoever. The factor of diversity is also looking up in the world of insurance where every other day, a new plan is being launched to cater to the requirements of different sections of the population within the national boundaries. In each of these plans that are presented by renowned and reliable providers, there are certain highlighted benefits while the rest are nominal. This makes each of these policies beneficial for one and insignificant to the rest making it imperative to make the right choice to receive desirable benefits.

Health insurance plans India
Health insurance plans India


Going by the gab of the ever enthusiastic agents representing the providing companies and willing to sell their new launch, could in fact land people in bitter disaster when it comes to claiming benefits through the same. However, such mishaps can be prevented by approaching experts like 121 Policy who can compare health insurance plans India to perfection and offer nothing but the best solution to the concerned seeker. These policies are sure to be suitable to the latter in every way possible, be it the sum assured, the risks covered or the premiums paid for the same.

Compare and buy Indian health insurance online

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Compare health insurance plans India
Compare health insurance plans India

Before investing on any health insurance policy, please spend quality time to compare health insurance plans India to boost your savings and fetch maximum coverage when medical crisis arises.

Efficient health insurance is no longer a luxury but it has become a necessity in order to stay fit-n-fine. Needless to say, medical expenditures are eating way your bank savings. If you want to stop from being robbed you must buy medical insurance policies to linger tension free. And you should know a tension free mind and soul better cope with odds than a worried body.

There are numerous policies designed by insurance providers in India. Even if you are covered under a corporate medical indemnity, it is best have a personal coverage plan. But before buying a plan you must Compare health insurance plans India and study carefully to maximize its benefits.

Benefits of comparing health insurance:

• Helps to calculate a correct rate that has to be paid for a chosen plan.

• Select the best health cover plan in swift and simplified way.

• Find plans with low premiums that cater to your requirement.

• Biased opinion from relatives or friends may lead to erroneous decisions. Comparing helps to project an unbiased view.

Many companies are equipped with online comparing tools and calculators to give you precise and impartial result. Think about your requirements, study the schemes properly, read the documents carefully before investing with your peace of mind.

Approaching Professional Help To Compare Health Insurance Plans India

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Approaching professional help to compare health insurance plans India is crucial to reach the right coverage for oneself and family. These experts can be reached both online and offline for locating tailor-made solutions.

Seeking the right medical coverage has practically become non negotiable for each and every individual in the present century. A plethora of reasons back the decision of person to locate the ideal policy that covers every risk or, mostly all of it as and when they occur. To begin with, the uncertainties that surround people these days are far too many and the cost for medical expenses is sky high. It has been seen in many unfortunate cases that making payments out of one’s own pocket under critical medical circumstances landed the concerned individuals or, families into bankruptcy. On the other hand, it has also been witnessed, that people in possession of the right medical policies managed to sail through their emergencies with confidence and success.

Health Insurance Plans
Health Insurance Plans

Landing up with the wrong policies can be considered just as bad as not having one at all. And considering the fact that there are perhaps a million different varieties of health plans available in the market and dynamic advertising by the providing company, experiencing sheer perplexity in the matter of which to take and which to leave is sure to happen with any prospective buyers of the same. One of the most damaging outcomes of falling prey to the wrong medical policy is not receiving any financial help when claim is made, thus resulting in sheer wastage of the premiums paid. To ensure that no such disasters happen anytime in the near or, far future, it is best to compare health insurance plans India by approaching professional help.

Making comparisons all by oneself can be very taxing in the sense that there are far too many options to go through and just as many terms and conditions to deal with. Accommodating time for this task with the pressures of the everyday work schedules and chores is sure to leave ample scope for choosing an outright wrong policy or, a not-so-good deal in the same respect. By involving professionals, there are a number of benefits that any individual prospective policy buyer can gain.

To begin with, these experts compare health insurance plans India on the basis of a number of considerations that may often slip the grasp of a layman. Inclusions and exclusion of benefits, cost of premium, terms and conditions of claim are usually matched with the requirements and financial standing of approaching individuals and families. The policies so chosen are perfectly matched with the buyers in all respects and there is a guarantee that in case of the occurrence of emergencies, the latter would get all or, a massive chunk of their claim amount.

Mentioning the benefits in simple points one can say that involving professionals will help …

    • Save a lot of time and hassle in the part of the buyer
    • Save in the amount of premiums paid
    • Find greater coverage and benefits at lower costs
    • Gain easy and quick claims in case of emergencies
    • Prevent falling to the traps of useless policies and wasting premiums

The enlightenment so gained by approaching these professionals also come handy while choosing other policies later in life.